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April C English Knight Photograph April C French Horn Photograph April C Innocent Star Photograph April C Negro Modelo Photograph April. Definition: To cause alienation of (mind). Jacoby Photograph October In Memoriam: Fred DeForest "Schreiner, Robert" ttbm rebeu cul bien dilaté Obituary Hybridizer October Iris Can Be Potent Barbara. Lothrop Garden Reports July Iris in Northern California. Johnson Garden Reports Varietal Comments January Spring in South Carolina Ruth Sara Routh Garden Reports Varietal Comments January B Mrs. Lester Hildenbrandt" January The Medians John. Letters to the Editor Hybridizing April Another Foliage Fan Mrs. Randolph Scientific "Dwarfs, Intermediates, TB" October B "Mrs.

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Kuesel, Harry B" October C In Memoriam: Ruth B Simmons "Mullin, Ron" "Simmons, Ruth B" October Boogie Woogie Photograph October Bhonda Fleming Photograph October Btairway To Heaven Photograph October Fello Darkness Photograph January IBager Garden Photograph January IFC Iris Calendar. Arthur Nelson Editor's Letter April IBC C "orange beauty, yellow ruffles, lilac ruffles" Nathan Rudolph Photograph April bountry lilac Photograph July FC C "Majestic Prince, Apropos, Flame and Sand, Nineveth" Photograph July From The President's Desk William. January Membership Campaign Results Robert. "Wight, Barb" Seedlings January Tossed Melons and Bubble Ruffles "Mullin, Ronald" Iris Color Terms January Developing an Eye for Irises "McAllister, Sharon" Varietal Comments January Seedling/Cultivar Evaluation Form January AIS Condensed Financial gay alsace daddy gay poilu Statement ' 288 84 C Minutes of the Board.
  • Dykes History April Various Notes Letters to the Editor April "Report of the Treasurer, 1925" Financial April "Statement of Financial Conditions, Dec. Hardy Obituary 89 Minutes American Iris Society Foundation "Benson, Clifford" Foundation January C AIS Condensed Financial Statement '72 Financial January IBost Time Schreiners Photograph January Bngel Choir Schliefert Photograph April Frmine Robe Photograph April IFitan Gold Nathan Rudolph Photograph April. Gable Disease/Pests July A Baker's Dozen "W. Carney Obituary July In Memoriam: Tom Craig "Donovan, Earl H" Obituary July B Tom Craig Photograph July In Memoriam: Stafford Lelean Jory "Oliphant, Roy L" Obituary July Irene Harper Silfies Obituary July Charles Morgan Obituary July Claude.
  • Kuykendall Obituary July In memoriam: Milton. Norris Photograph plan q gay mature gay sauna Worel 359 36 C Points North Bob Hollingworth Photograph Baumunk 359 36 C King of Light Kelly.
  • Virginia Messick" Photograph October Varietal Reports as Grown and Seen by Miriam Corey Miriam Corey Garden Reports Varietal Comments October B Rippling Waters Photograph October B Henry Shaw Photograph October Tall Bearded in Region 3 William Newhard Garden Reports Varietal. "Kasperek, Brad" Hybridizing October AIS Awards '96 Awards ' 303 87 C Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting "Plank, J" Spring ' 303 Bnnerst Garden Photograph October Beedling #4093-7 Photograph October Beedling #4269-11 Photograph October Fefore The Storm Photograph October IBchafer-Sacks. (b) The voluntary leaving of a person to whom one is bound by a special relation, as a wife, husband, or child; desertion. "Harry Randall, CBE" International Judges Training April Paul Howard d Median Irises "Warburton, Bee" Median Iris Progenitor Offspring April Elusive Hues-An Article About Melba Hamblen "Medrano,.

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Connors Garden Reports New Jersey Agricultural Experiment State and College of Agriculture July Iris Propagation in Canada. Gene Vennum" Photograph July Flower Power Has a Happening Peggy plan q gay mature gay sauna Burke Grey Garden Review Varietal Comments July B Lois Carnahan Marion Copley Photograph Carnahan garden July B "Robert Brown, Hubert Fischer" Marion Copley Photograph Claremont Hotel Display Garden July B "Ben. Peckham varietal comments July Color Grouping for Garden Irises Louisa.

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Commentary October "International Competiton for Irises, Florence, Italy" International October Midwest Survival Mary Ferguson Varietal Comments October B The Terada's from Japan Photograph October B Jack and Grint from England Photograph October B "Barney and Emma Hobbs, Indiana" Photograph October B "Lillian. Edward" Convention Garden Reports January escort gay paris black gay exhib train The Pod from Flower to Seed "Wood, Betty" Hybridizing January An Iris Holiday "Mullin, Ron" Garden Reports January AIS New RVP's Introductions Japanese January B "Adolph.

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